Mobile Pay Tutorials


How to join the HUMBL Pay App.

Buy an Event Ticket

How to purchase an event ticket on the HUMBL Pay App.

Become a HUMBL Merchant

How to become a merchant on the HUMBL Pay App.

Pay a Merchant

How to pay a merchant on the HUMBL Pay App.

Mobile Pay FAQs

How can I become a merchant?

Can I claim a merchant username or account?

How can I delete my merchant account?

Would you like to improve your marketing visibility?

How long does it take to accept payments as a merchant?

Why do I need to provide additional information for verification?

How do I receive payments as a merchant?

How do I add a payment method?

How do I switch accounts from merchant to personal/consumer profile?

How do I edit my merchant profile?

Where can I find more information on HUMBL Pay's data privacy?

Where do I view transactions in my profile?

Where do I view sales in my merchant profile?

How do I send a refund in my merchant profile?

Can an account be active and in use on multiple devices at one time?

What countries is HUMBL Pay available in?

How do I cancel/delete my HUMBL Pay account?