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The easiest way to invest in one of the top performing asset classes of the decade.

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Start buying ETXs today

BLOCK ETXs provide new ways to get exposure to an emerging asset class rooted in blockchain, boosting Sharpe ratio and indexing against a new historical trading market.

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Product features

Unlimited access to ETX products

Choose between any of the Index, Thematic, and/or Active ETX products all for a single flat fee.

24/7 virtual trading bots,
automatic rebalancing

Take advantage of crypto volatility with strategic active trade entry and rebalancing designed to capture opportunities automatically.

Safe and secure

Choose between any of the Index, Thematic, and/or Active ETX products all for a single flat fee.

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$4.99 monthly subscription

Gain access to our proprietary trading bots with transparent, open pricing.

No hidden fees.

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Financial FAQs

Are my funds safe?


The safety of your funds is based on the safety of the exchange. We are unable to remove funds from your account and so risk is limited to a problem with the exchange only. If you have further questions, you may wish to consult with your financial advisor.

How are the trades executed?


Once your API keys are submitted to HUMBL Financial™, our servers will send the commands to trade automatically based on your chosen strategy.

Why should I use your service when I can just buy or sell the assets myself?


 While you are always free to buy and sell yourself, we believe that HUMBL’s backtested, automatic, researched trading strategy that does all the work for you will be a value-add. For example, our Smart Rebalancing Feature will take profit at strategic points along the way, allowing you to take advantage of unusual spikes or drops even while you sleep. Since we do all of the trading for you, you don’t have to watch the market all day or worry that you made the wrong decision or wish you had done something differently. The idea is to piggyback off of our success and allow us to help you invest smarter. Our software makes it easier to purchase a basket of assets in one click and rebalance your assets automatically!

What does the monthly subscription include?


Our monthly subscription includes full access to all Index, Thematic, and Active ETXs that HUMBL Financial™ has to offer. This subscription also provides you with automatic periodic rebalancing.

Do I need to do anything on specific exchanges in order to purchase your products?


You only need to deposit your funds, and once you have purchased a HUMBL Financial™ product, the ETX software will do the rest.